Why is Summer the Season For Pests?

Summer is the time to control unwanted pests. Most pests are cold-blooded creatures. This means that their body temperatures can adjust to the temperatures in the environment,allowing them to thrive well in the heat. Mosquitoes,ants,and termites and stinging insects are some of the pests that thrive best in the summer months. The warm and high temperatures cause these pests to become hyperactive to search for food and reproduce. As a result of their increased activity and numbers,crop yields may also be reduced.

The high temperature becomes favorable in providing additional food sources in plant life and other insects. The predatory insects do not have to work hard to find their food this season. While fruits and vegetables left alone in the garbage can serve as a treat for ants and flies found in abundance during the summers,standing water becomes a breeding place for mosquitoes during the season.

Pest Control & Extreme Temperature Conditions

Summer months give insects the warmth they need to survive. This is one of the reasons,people often report bug infestation during this season. Bugs can die as they tend to dry out in high temperatures. To seek shelter from the heat,these creatures creep indoors. Insects often change their behavioral patterns due to extreme temperatures,causing them to stay indoors.

Bugs Love Cool Places like Firewood

Having firewood stacked near your home can provide the perfect shelter for flying and creeping insects,increasing the chances of an insect infestation. While the shrubs help shield them from direct sunlight,the leaves become a source of food for them. Also,the physiological tactics of insects help them conserve water during hot and drought conditions. While some pests preserve water in their bodies by excreting dry pellets,there are a few who absorb moisture from the air. Also,the cupid lipid layer that covers the external surface of insects helps restrict water movement in their bodies and limit moisture loss. An interesting aspect of insect life is that there is a boost in the production of heat — shock proteins at times when the insects are stressed due to high temperatures. When the production of these proteins is increased,the cellular function of the insect’s body is properly maintained.

Increased Insect Activity

In summers,there is an increased insect activity during the morning and evening. This is primarily because these crinkly creatures get all the nourishment they need during mornings and evening when the sun is less intense and rest when the day gets hotter.

Insects also tend to migrate to suitable temperatures especially when the heat becomes unbearable to them. When temperatures reach extremes in areas near the equator,insects tend to move north to find a climate that they are more comfortable with.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Summer?

Apart from being a nuisance,pests can affect your or your family’s health and also damage your property. Taking certain precautionary measures such as keeping your home clean,blocking pest entry to your home,getting rid of stagnated water,maintaining your yard and controlling trash areas,hiring a pest control services is also important to keep pests away. The professional associates of such services are well- trained and experienced and can provide a permanent solution to get rid of pests using proper pest control methods. A professional pest control company will create a personalized plan that can help keep pests away. As a result,more protection will be provided when compared to what you can do on your own. This will not only help you save money on medical bills and investment in new furniture but also allow you to enjoy your time at the pool or listen to your favorite music and have peace of mind.

If your home is infested with pests,contact a top exterminator today to protect your family.