Transponder Keys, Problems


Transponder keys are important. They offer enhanced security for automobiles in the sense that they make it impossible to hot wire a car, and they help to prevent theft in the sense that the vehicle will not start without the correct key’s microchip. In addition to adding more security, transponder keys offer convenience for the people who use them. We are a mobile locksmith company skillful in providing locksmith services such as transponder key duplication and programming, and we are going to provide more information on transponder keys and problems that might be associated with them (Ames Locksmith Service). 

There is a chip inside of a transponder key. This chip is linked to your automobile. The chip has to be near the vehicle in order to work, and when it is, it will dispatch a signal that goes to the ignition. This signal lets the vehicle know that the right person is attempting to use it. This allows a vehicle owner to turn the key and start the ignition. It has anti-theft purposes. But what are you supposed to do if your transponder key is lost? What are you supposed to do if the transponder key is not working? The good news is that you have options. Below, we are going to discuss what to do with regard to transponder key problems! 

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The Key is Missing 

If your transponder key is missing, this can pose a problem for you. Obviously, you need to be able to use your key so you can use your car. Whether the key is missing or was taken from you, you want to know no one else can access your car, and that you can access it as the rightful owner. Have you already retraced your steps? Have you checked to see if it is inside the car by looking in the window? Have you checked the countertops, drawers, your purse and anywhere else you might have hung or set the key down? If so, you can always turn to a locksmith that is proficient in automotive lock services like transponder key programming. You could also make sure that you have access to a spare key. Often, when buying a new car, you are provided with more than one set of keys. This can eliminate problems with lost transponder keys, because you will always have an extra one 

We will continue to discuss potential transponder key issues…  

Auto Alarm Problems 

Have you noticed an issue with the car’s alarm system? If so, it could be associated with the transponder key not working or the immobilizer failing to work correctly. Obviously, this would be frustrating, but there are solutions. We recommend calling on an automotive locksmith proficient in providing lock and security solutions.   

Ignition Will Not Turn 

If you make an attempt to turn the key in the ignition but it will not turn, what could be going on? It could be the chip in the key that is problematic. If the correct code is not being sent to the automobile, it could be that the chip is not sending it due to water damage, or just damage overall. Perhaps the chip is broken. Again, this is something we recommend calling on a locksmith for assistance with – even if it is the ignition switch that is problematic, a locksmith should be proficient in offering assistance. 

This brings us to our next potential concern… 

Transponder Key Chip Has Become Wet 

We briefly mentioned that a reason for the ignition not turning could be water damage. If the transponder key has become wet, a service might be needed like transponder key programming. Again, you can contact a locksmith to make an appointment for service.  

There is a Programming Problem 

If someone attempted to program a transponder key without the proper tools or components, then you are going to be left with a programming problem. This is why it is important to call on someone experienced in doing this, in the first place. We know you can look online and you will come across instructional videos and tutorials but it is best to turn to someone experienced with locks and keys, like a locksmith. If you need a transponder key programmed, you can call on an experienced locksmith for the job and this will ensure you won’t end up with codes that do not work properly. You won’t end up with a broken or damaged key 

When you have a transponder key problem, you can always check to make sure it is not the battery that is causing the issue. A quick battery change might be the solution you need. But it all depends on the source of the problem. If you have already determined that the battery is not the issue, then consider an engine control unit issue as the culprit. Regardless of the transponder key problem, you can call on an automotive locksmith for transponder key programming, ignition changes, transponder key duplication, and other lock and security services for your vehicle. This is true regardless of the make or model you drive, be it a Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Ford, Kia, GM, Lexus, BMW, Chrysler, or something else. This is because an experienced locksmith should be able to work with locks and keys for all makes and models.  

We are optimistic that the information we have offered in this blog on transponder key problems has been beneficial for you. Now, after reading this, you should have a better idea of what the issue might be with your transponder key, and how it might be resolved! Again, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of calling on a skilled locksmith when assistance is required. Remember, transponder keys are important. They offer heightened security for automobiles in the sense that they make it difficult if not impossible to hot wire a car, and they help to avert theft in the sense that the vehicle will not start without the correct key’s microchip. You need your transponder key to work!  

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