Denture treatment in Ahmedabad

What is a denture?

Dentures are a treatment method by which we can restore natural teeth for patients who have lost teeth in the mouth. Whether it is caused by tooth decay or gingival problems,if it is not treated promptly and adequately,it will cause teeth to fall out.

For the restoration of those missing teeth,we should use fixed or removable dentures. It is considered as a correct solution which can avoid future problems and enhance the quality of people’s lives. The dental expert will suggest the suitable denture type based on each patient’s prevailing tooth conditions.


Are dentures only for the old people?


One of the prime misleading fact about dentures is that they are aimed for elderly persons only.

For aesthetic or functional reasons,anyone regardless of any age,can opt for dental prosthesis treatment procedure.

The types of dentures includes:


Fixed Dentures: The fixed denture is attached to a natural tooth or osseointegrated (formation of strong contact between surrounding bone tissue and implant surface); however,they cannot be removed at home. They can only be removed by the dentist,though they must be carefully disinfected at home for proper maintenance. At Vyom Orthodontics & Dental Care,one of the prime dental clinic in ahmedabad,we provide suitable instructions on the maintenance and hygiene of the fixed dentures.

Removable dentures: Removable dentures are used when the natural teeth in the mouth are present or when an individual loses all their teeth. If the teeth pre-exist,they are fixed using denture with the help of metal hooks,which provides support to the mouth and natural teeth through prosthesis when speaking or eating.

On the other hand,if there are no teeth,the dentures are installed with the help of resin and suction of gums. They are relatively unstable in nature and usually need to be affixed with some adhesive. They can be cleaned at home,and appropriate cleaning is required to maintain their good condition.


Overdenture is positioned on dental implants. They are like full dentures,but they are fastened to the mouth through bone-implantions with the method of osseointegration.

At Vyom,we take care of our patients by offering them a personalized suggestion for the most suitable prosthesis appropriate for their case.

How long can a denture last?

Regarding the shelf life of dentures,no matter what type of prosthesis is to be used,dentures’ service life is very long. Since they are equipped to serve for an extended period,ensure that the material used to make the prosthesis is of good quality,along with following the suggestions like:

  • Use Brush which has thin fibre. It is not recommended to use boiling water for cleansing as they may be impaired.

â ¢ Brush your teeth after each meal,as plaque usually accumulates in them.

â ¢ Maintain sufficient oral cleanliness and remember to clean the tongue too.

â ¢ Not putting removable dentures at night.

â ¢ Visit your dental hospital for regular inspection.

Will I be able to eat and speak well with the dentures?

Another situation when we face the problem with the dentures are in terms of diet and correct speaking.

The use of dentures does not mean that it limits to speak clearly. It usually happens in the beginning phase of wearing removable dentures,and so it becomes essential to practice the pronunciation of certain words.

We may find words that are difficult to pronounce,but repeating and expanding words and phrases will help us communicate well while wearing dentures,confronting in the presence of a mirror,or talking with friends and family will ease out the difficulty while pronouncing difficult words.

Our advice is that before any problems or questions arise,be sure to contact our trusted dentist to resolve the problem and find the best solution to repair the missing tooth.

Handling and maintenance of removable dentures:

Removable dentures is a metal or resin formed piece with one or several paired synthetic teeth that can replace lost natural teeth,restoring functionality and aesthetics to the oral cavity. To correctly insert a removable prosthesis,it can be fixed by the following methods:

â ¢ Actual teeth in the mouth.

â ¢ Bone integration transplant.

What are removable dentures for?

The removable dentures help the patient replace lost teeth in his mouth,and also prevents the teeth from moving while the patient is still in good condition. By timely replacement of the patient’s lost teeth,we can eliminate other oral problems or diseases,further restoring the essential functional purpose such as (eating,smiling) of the mouth.

Advantages,limitations and care of the removable dentures:

The detachable dentures are of two types,partial or complete,and the second one is a denture on dental implants. For adult patients who require fast,affordable,and uncomplicated treatment,it is recommended to use removable prostheses.

The most apparent difficulties we encounter with them are:

â ¢ It is difficult to chew because it may be inappropriate or the patient may need some time getting accustomed to it.

â ¢ Inflammation and disturbing sores.

Few of the determining aspects we should look after while undertaking denture treatment are:

â ¢ In the initial phase,it is tough for us to adapt to particular situations,it is vital to maintain composure and make necessary alterations and corrections.

â ¢ We will find greater occupation in mouth & more considerable salivation which will diminish as the time passes.

â ¢ Facing difficulty pronouncing and biting our cheeks and tongues while consuming food,but as time advances,it will be settled.

â ¢ Over time the pain or pressure on the teeth and gums will fade,as the remaining teeth in the gums and mouth become more adaptable.

Denture recommendations to follow:

â ¢ It is advised to eat soft and non-sticky foods on the first day and then progressively we can consume more solid foods.

â ¢ In the first few days,attempt carefully chewing with your mouth closed to avoid gum & mouth overburdening or avoid biting.

â ¢ If you observe harsh pain due to biting or chewing,please see a dentist.

â ¢ For the treatment of painful wounds or bites,we can use mouthwash,hyaluronic acid or chlorhexidine gel.

Health wellbeing and good hygiene

With removable dentures,you should avoid breaking hard food using tje dentures,as some pasted teeth may break. It is imperative to maintain the health of the oral cavity and prosthesis. Therefore,it is crucial to maintain the well-being of the gums and the remaining teeth in the mouth. For preserving good hygienics in removable dentures,it is recommended:

â ¢ Washing the dentures and mouth thoroughly after your meal intake.

â ¢ It is desirable to use dental floss between teeth,and if necessary,mouthwash to avoid tooth decay.

â ¢ Massaging of the gums is advised to promote blood flow.

â ¢ It is recommended to remove the dentures before going to bed for relaxing the tissue.

â ¢ It is essential to wash the metal parts (especially the metal parts in contact with the teeth),you can use alcohol swabs.

â ¢ When removing dentures from the mouth,they can be conveniently stored in a dedicated box or in a glass of water.

â ¢ A special denture brush with neutral soap should be used to clean the dentures at least once a day to avoid tartar formation.

Dental Examinations:

Dental examination is important in patients who has undergone denture treatment,as these adjustments can prevent problems with teeth or implants that support the prosthesis.

â ¢ An examination should be performed every 6 months to check the condition of the mucous membrane,teeth or implant,and prosthesis,and make appropriate adjustments to correct the discrepancy.

â ¢ If there is a blister,pain,or visible imbalance in the dentures,please visit a dental clinic immediately.

Importantly,if you notice bleeding gums,discomfort while consuming hot or cold things,the smell of a particular prosthesis area is not pleasant,please schedule an appointment at our dental clinic in Ahmedabad.

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